8th November 2016


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modern slavery

As a service provider, our platform leverage the disruptive power of mobile phones to give transparency to supply chains whose suppliers employ slaves, children and fail to meet minimal safe working conditions. This will at the same time provide a communication platform for employees who are disconnected from the mainstream global world.



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Materiality mapping

We empower business through stimulating and moderating dialogue with professionals and stakeholders including communities/citizens, NGOs, Academia, Governments, that informs and helps companies to build sustainable brands.  The platform brings people of different background and expertise in exposing business to outside thinking that promote sustainability in ways that shapes the future.  

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community voice

We use a range of approaches, including digital storytelling and participatory video, to enable individuals and communities to record and communicate their first-hand experiences at the interface with business. Communities gain skills and opportunities to reflect on their situation, address challenges, share their knowledge and perspectives, and make their voices heard.


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We offer you a communication channel that helps increase awareness of your sustainability projects/programs and sustainability reports with a wider audience.

As a third party we do away with the disconnect in communication between sustainability initiatives and public awareness as this may impede any potential benefits to your business so we strategically communicate this to the public on your behalf.

To submit your Sustainability Reports or press releases you need to become a member.

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Current Sustainability News in Pictures

Ignoring #sustainability in favour of short-termism-#Environment #Carbon #CarbonEmission #ESG #EmployeeWelfare-http://t.co/DeL2dnYPzO

#Sustainability: Laying waste-#Waste #Environment #EnvironmentalManagement #circularity #Bestpractice #Ethics-http://t.co/JIpVsKAnuq

BillerudKorsnäs recognised by @CDP for #sustainability drive #CarbonEmission #Environment #Circularity #Ethics #ESG-http://t.co/FVkGUM8Oid

Businesses must address ‘internal disconnect’ 2deliver #sustainability success- #ESG #CSR #Environment #EthicalBrand-http://t.co/P6eOcweLID

Smaller firms struggle to reap rewards of #sustainability- #ESG #SMEs #Environment #UNGlobalCompact #CarbonEmission -http://t.co/RnkFPahQHE

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