16th February 2017

About Us

Our Approach

We see tremendous opportunities in being at the forefront of:

Facilitating a social approach that help the poor, an approach that involves companies partnering with other partners to innovate and achieve sustainable win-win scenarios where the poor are actively engaged, at the same time, the companies providing profitable services;

Training governments, government agencies, corporates, and communities on standards of practices; and

Validating and disseminating corporate sustainability reports.

We work with companies willing to take the role of catalyst and front runners in sustainability. The portal will make corporations more accountable and as well as responsible to a wider constituency. We will also trace concrete changes companies achieve through programmes implemented in any period.

Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started! [email protected]

What we do

Animus Sustainability Portal (ASP) provides a one-stop portal for all sustainability news, channel for press releases,  platform for releasing sustainability reports, sharing and learning from best practices whilst offering Think Tank platform for eg materiality mapping, a voice platform for communities, employee, and engage with all stakeholders.

The portal will amongst other benefits:

Enable participating companies and institutions to engage with stakeholders (Thinktanks, modern slavery and community embedded platforms) improve for e.g. materiality mapping, improving on strategy and reports, branding, loyalty and entrance into new markets.

Communities would benefit through increased transparency, improved amenities, reduced environmental impact, and improved water access, health amongst many others.